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Dec 8, 2013 5:30am PST
massive rally on monday. to help folks obama said that it would be the final showdown against the government today called on people across time and to stop working classes enjoy street protests. he said that the number of protesters is not reach one million that he will concede defeat and surrender himself to the police. bangkok remained tense but calm on friday evening. there were two reports of shootings and a small bomb attack on facilities occupied by the government protesters beating the three people injured. several days of violence ended abruptly tuesday as both sides set aside their differences. dawn of the keane who turned eighty six on thursday thousands of protesters in ukraine and continue their demonstrations in the capital's independence square. that's as western diplomats. what's their support they are protesting ukraine government's last minute rejection of a free trade accord with the european new and turning instead to closer ties to moscow. the contrasting reports from the heart of kiev. i'm addicted to buying that it's a ukrainian winter interesting though. i'm
Dec 10, 2013 5:30am PST
barack obama chinese biased as the new lunch hour. un chief ban ki moon. all of them will be speaking today at the ordinary people pull the ninety thousand of them have off a ride day at tsb stadium into this but kinda been trickling in on a rainy day it's been pouring in john is the deadlock as that of the top of the show that hasn't deterred the crowds they've been streaming in the can either take transport or are they can simply walk to the fb stadium and inside the stadium people are singing their dogs saying this celebrating the life and legacy of a man who's had such a profiled in fact not just on the country but dried all wrong the one in the stadium via the stadium had such a unique significance in nelson mandela's life. it is an important venue it's the first place from where he addressed the topic no way you dress the one after being freed from jail after spending more than twenty seven years of his adult life in jail. that's the place where he spoke to the people from. that's also the place where the whoa got to see him in his very last appearances of the fall was soft and
Dec 9, 2013 5:30am PST
or go to the wolves the united states. president barack obama coming to pick his wife michelle obama has been forbidden to content will be coming to former president bush as well as the performing and is considered to be content. i'm the best defense minded to have for you as president when i get the thing. less people coming to see if it is still to fill space to do so could then make an end to have that stability is coming through the rest of africa lots of corporations taking teeth and getting that big memorial service on the grounds tomorrow. and of course from the winds stay at home to nelson mandela will of the league's state of the union buildings from wednesday until friday and dad doing be it in the morning and often it will be towed into distinctive for its really the eight unit the size of government wants to give. after six months to see him in ghana. last time was it cctv american state to monty into thinking the size of the plaza mentality of the some of the us the polis d this is the movement is similar to the apostates trouble he says go in there that the eighty
Dec 2, 2013 4:00am PST
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Dec 5, 2013 5:30am PST
pumps obama has vowed to continue the protests after the king's birthday celebration. are people reacting to this and what of aituation like they are now on the street. well today is a national holiday in thailand and it's a day reserved for revealing the moment and celebrating his but then it would be seen as highly disrespectful here for anyone to make any major political statements on eye popper my brief comment from c except that the bible were to resume tomorrow. nobody really is making any comment today will call for any announcements that the timing of the kings but they spots a crucial because it comes as it does it provide support in these political protest and it gives people time to take stock. not that sometimes these events to gain the momentum of the road and then eat them very difficult to hold but with the kings but they both sides the prime minister on the protest leaders have called for a complete halt on hold demonstrations in street rallies and protests and that's exactly what's happened and in the last few days dipping street battles in the streets in regina
Dec 3, 2013 5:30am PST
thailand anti government protest leader says that the attacks obama said on tuesday that he will continue fine for the ouster of prime minister in like seeing a lot despite it all in french from the government which says it will not confront protesters anti government protesters climbed into the thai prime minister's office compound on tuesday after police are accorded to stand down and out protesters into state buildings and cars police said they would not use tear gas against and to avoid further violence. protesters claim the victory after three days of bitter clashes. early on monday in what said she was willing to do whatever it takes two and the violent protests including missouri and yes i made it clear however that she will not hand over power when i'm elected council the opposition is demanding and earlier we talked i was lying to say that ten stray in bangkok she said protesters had claimed a victory after the police back down and allow them to continue with the protest the fossil bigger questions around where the country is headed. i don't think it's at all what these protest l
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6